Oh the places you’ll go

So it turns out I'm going to answer the question I posed previously. Since I last posted, I found myself relocating - albeit temporarily - to south-west England. The last time I was in Bristol was twenty years ago, when I graduated from university, but it didn't feel that long when I walked through the … Continue reading Oh the places you’ll go


Where do we live now?

It's hot today. Bloody hot. Although summer's not here yet it's one of those days when the temperature gets up into the high thirties and remains there until a powerful southerly arrives in the evening to make it all better. It took me years to understand what to do with days like this: close the windows, … Continue reading Where do we live now?

Culture Cringe

Recently I heard a fairly big player in Australian publishing say in one breath how important it was to know the market and read widely and then in another admit to not reading any of Liane Moriarty's books. That Liane Moriarty, who has single-handedly breathed life - and bucketloads of money, I should imagine - into the … Continue reading Culture Cringe

Who are you calling mag hag?

I'm not under any misguided belief that I'm a serious journalist. I'm a magazine writer who spins candy floss into fun! positive! upbeat! exclusive! feature-ettes. At the moment, it seems, I write endlessly about the Kardashians and various tabloid-worthy Hollywood stars and, on occasion, how to lose 5kg in 5 weeks. You know, those magazines. The ones … Continue reading Who are you calling mag hag?

Was I ready?

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet Curtis Brown's inspiring and enthusiastic Pippa Masson through Faber Writing Academy's 'Ready to Submit?' course. The half hour session gave applicants the chance to have the synopsis and first few chapters of their manuscripts read by Pippa and then meet with her to get feedback … Continue reading Was I ready?