Today I’m reading…

2017-04-14 10.10.09

From Maggie Alderson, this is the perfect companion to a long, lazy Easter Holiday weekend, which I’m spending mostly horizontal while eating hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. I’ve loved Maggie’s writing since discovering Mad About The Boy and Pants On Fire fifteen or so years ago, both of which I’ve re-read several times over the years. I still miss Uncle Percy and wonder what he’s up to.

Anyway, The Scent Of You is just as good. It’s a wonderfully all-encompassing and comforting, romantic, sort-of family saga read. I love how Maggie’s novels always manage to evoke the characters so clearly they spring, perfectly formed, into my mind’s eye as I read. Like the charming main character, yoga teacher and perfume blogger, Polly, I’m half in love with her new new-old friend, the long walk- and animal-loving, Chum; am maddened by her wise-cracking friend Shirlee; suspicious of perfumier and the too sharp by half Guy; charmed and irritated by her octogenarian mother Daphne and, above all else, impatient to find out what caused husband David to up and vanish like that. It better be good, mate.


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