Today I’m reading…

.. books that take me far away. It’s the depths of winter here (17 degrees, rain, rain, rain) and the school holidays which means I’ve had a good excuse to snuggle up and binge read. I finally downloaded the brilliant I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh which more than lived up to its bestselling status and was a twisty, creepy and wonderfully atmospheric read (and had me wanting to transplant myself to the Welsh seaside). Then in swift succession I read Lucy Clarke‘s A Single Breath and The Blue which took me away to exotic climes on the other side of the world – well, I don’t know if I can say that about Tasmania as it’s really just down the road/ sea from me – and wrapped me up in perfectly plotted, tense and beautifully written stories about love, secrets, siblings and friendships. The first had me googling air bnb’s in Bruny Island and the second had me searching for yachting holidays and fights to Palau. Sadly, all my travels will have to remain in my imagination and internet search stream for now, so instead I’ve downloaded Lucy’s The Sea Sisters and for the next few days will be enjoying an imaginary (but prob quite tense given the subject matter) trip to Bali.


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